Thursday, February 27, 2020

Ethical Debate on Assisted Suicide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Ethical Debate on Assisted Suicide - Essay Example They must also be capable of administering the medication on their own. This paper will review the debate over assisted suicide, and how involved stakeholders constantly grapple with varied issues when confronting assisted suicide in these modern times. There are three fronts from which to look at the debate. These are social, religious, and political fronts. All these fronts have reasons as to why assisted suicide should, or should not exist (Battin, Rhodes, & Silvers, 1998). The rapid development in science and technology has enabled medical practitioners all over the world to find ways and means to cure the sick. Medicine capable of curing many illnesses is at the world’s disposal. These advances have enabled the world to sustain the lives of people whose capabilities as humans cannot be restored. As this technology pulls people away from death, pleas to end the lives of tortured patients are getting louder. Many people believe that if one person is in excruciating pain and cannot be helped by modern medicine, they owe that individual the courtesy to end their pain. Suicide in some constitutions, in the world today, is not considered a crime. However, assisted suicide is, and it is a punishable offense in a court of law (Battin, Rhodes, & Silvers, 1998). It is, therefore, a moral issue that generates such intense controversy. There are many people who are involved in assisted suicide. This is either directly or indirectly (Battin, Rhodes, & Silvers, 1998). However, physicians are considered the most vulnerable parties in these cases. This is because; as people believe they have the knowledge and intellect to aid a person in committing suicide. People believe that it is not in the best interests of a physician to give advice to their patients about lethal drugs. Oaths are administered to ensure that physicians stick to helping their patients. The psychological standing, also seen as the social standing, is vital over this

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