Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Methodology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Methodology - Essay Example The research undertakes a mix of qualitative and quantitative aspects of study in order to arrive at desired observations. The questionnaire is circulated online to access a wide range of responses. Additionally, few open ended questions allow for greater knowledge on certain areas of study through the questionnaire format. The study has also undertaken a telephonic interview apart from the secondary data research to support quantitative facts by reliable and verifiable information sourced from the interview and qualitative research. According to Tobin and Joseph, (2006), research philosophy is the manner in which one gathers, organizes and analyses the data for the purpose of researching a particular problem. The common research philosophy has two main principals associated which are known as the positivist philosophical process and the interpretivism or the phenomenological style. Both the models are effective tools for carrying out the research activity but the difference arises in the objectivity of the model. According to the positivist approach, theory is established prior to conducting the research activity. The positivist research can be carried out in a two pronged approach, the descriptive research and the experimental research. The research model based on the positivist approach is primarily focused upon bringing together an analysis of the dependency of the external factors and the internal factors of the research. Philosophically, the positivist research method is based on ontological and axiological perspectives of a research problem. The phenomenological model of interpretivism was developed by Edmund Husserl and is the way of research that conducts the research in a manner that is influenced by human perceptions (Somekh and Lewin, 2004). The particular model of research lays focus on the micro level sociological issues like the prime motives behind the behaviour of people. Such

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